Professor Dr. Qamruzzaman Chowdhury

Prof. Dr. Qamruzzaman Chowdhury is a prominent Physician in the field of oncology who dedicates his time between clinical practice, training, consulting, scholarly writing, research and social welfare. He completed his graduation from Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, Dhaka; obtained DMRT from University of Dhaka and FCPS in Radiation Oncology from BCPS, Bangladesh. He was Professor and Head of Radiation Oncology of National Insititute of Cancer Research and Hospital Dhaka, till 30 April 2017

Currently he is working as part time consultancy to the cancer patients of Bangladesh Specialized Hospital 21 Shymoly Dhaka.


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital
21 Shymoli, Mirpur Road
Call centre mobile number:10633
Consultation timing: 10:30AM to 04:00PM every day except Friday
Dr. Qamruzzaman Chowdhury